How to sex chat

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If there is any hint of pressure, any suggestion that any party is not certain it is right, then it is not right … If a boy does not know his partner well, then it may be unwise to engage in sex with them.

Even if both are keen and agree sex will meet their mutual needs, if a boy is not sure he can trust his partner, then it may not be wise.

The truth of repentance (التوبه) is related to regret and remorse for committing sins (that sinner people have done…) and this entails the decision to avoid committing sins in the future and compensate for those which could be made up for.

Reciting (saying) 'Istiqfar' (استغفار) would be a verbalization of such a decision and regret.

They are powerful and seductive in the bedroom and many of us use them for expression and effect.

Therefore, inter-cultural liaisons can be problematic when travelling overseas, so great care is needed.

It is also worth remembering that you don’t have to go overseas to encounter different cultural perspectives on premarital sex. It is also worth noting that anyone who takes sexual advantage of another when their partner’s judgement is impaired through disability, alcohol or drugs can find themselves in prison. Sex obtained by blackmail, threats or harassment is also illegal and is morally abhorrent.

First-time sex can be a vulnerable experience, so it is better for a boy to enjoy it with someone in whom he has confidence.

The age of consent for sex differs between countries. In some Muslim countries, sex is illegal unless the parties are married to each other.

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