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The hideout was like a storeroom to many valued belongings.

The Dolmen Circle is put-up with two large erected stone slabs, topped by a large flat slab.

The library has acquired valuable collections over the period and has the task of maintaining the asset.

In the course of maintaining the collections within the static space, the present library personnel have learnt special skills and techniques to make the library more visible and meet the requirements of a state-of the art special library in astronomy in the country.

Kodaikanal is one of the most popular, peaceful & striking hill stations on the Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu.

Here one can see a wide ranging collection of birds classified into ground birds, water birds, tree birds. Donec urna arcu, venenatis quis augue sit amet, mattis gravida nunc.Dwarfed as they are by the Himalayas, the Western Ghats are often dismissed as mere hills.But India's second-highest mountain range is an impressive and dramatic place in its own right – and the tallest peak is still over twice the height of Ben Nevis.It has unique challenges in blending the new with old in terms of resources and services and also to meet the mandate of retaining the heritage structure of the original library building at Kodaikanal.The onus of responsibility lies in retaining the status of the library at Kodaikanal, as one of the oldest libraries in India and at the same time utilize the historical contents for current research .

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