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Here's a sample: Me: i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password. I asked a customer support chatter for a job at Zappos, too, and "Margret" told us, "We are all about the sunshine here in Vegas! You can go on our site at the bottom of the page and apply for a job through Jobvite." Although "Margret" began her chat with a piece of script, she obviously veered off into unscripted, plain-spoken English, fairly quickly. Here's Williams' Amazon transcript: You are now connected to farah from Me: Hello. This is still associate with my email address and is not my account. Me: Account holder is Chris Williams farah:your first and last name plese Me: First = Chris Last = Williams farah:okay let me check this out for you okay? ctwilli [email protected] is your account am I correct on this?

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Friday evening, 18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez drove under the influence with her 14-year-old sister and one of her sister’s friends in the backseat in Merced, California.In the video, Sanchez said she knew she was going to go to jail for killing her sister. I’m a hold it down.” One of Sanchez’s Instagram friends, Mary Hernandez, recorded the entire video.“Jacqueline, please wake up,” Sanchez said in the video. I know I’m going to jail for life.” Throughout the entire event, Sanchez continued to record on Instagram Live. “At first, we didn’t even want to believe it was real,” Hernandez explained.Privacy issues abound as users have no control over who views their broadcasts, and all their clicks and interactions as a viewer could be collected or shared.Via in-app purchase, viewers can purchase coins to give as gifts to broadcasters.

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