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What I can’t understand is what you did with those feelings.No, you should not have asked your husband, the father of your child, to move out of your house because you snooped through his phone and interrogated him about his sexual fantasies.View thread » Masturbation can cause certain biochemical changes if it is tested very soon after ejaculation or at the time of orgasm ...Recent studies show that testosterone levels hardly alter after masturbation due to various reasons …A: To go through your husband’s phone, wake him up to fight about a picture you saw there, then throw him out of your house: That sounds like an overreaction to me.There’s nothing wrong, necessarily, with what you felt—even if it’s not the picture of fairness, I can understand feeling jealous, hurt, insecure, or betrayed about a spouse’s masturbatory habits, particularly if they involve a mutual friend.Investigators claim Berenson, 28, admitted to blackmailing girls he and his associates had duped into making sexually explicit videos.Berenson’s price, according to investigators, was more child pornography for his terabyte-size collection.

This kind of reductionist thinking is horribly unfair to both sexes and, IMHO, is one reason men and women don't trust each other.My opinion about sexual transparency is practically heresy in the heterosexual dating advice world, where women are routinely admonished for letting it be known that they like sex.Last week I read a piece written by a dating coach for the over-50 set. We chatted privately, aroused each other and then we masturbated together (she aroused me and I her). It is zina of a lesser degree which does not trigger any hadd punishment. It is certainly a sinful act but of a lesser degree then unlawful intercourse. Yes, but it is different form of zina than intercourse.

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