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earlier than usual, and went woven by Infinite Wisdom.

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Furthermore - giraffes do not develop large udders like cattle etc, so to see this much development truly suggests calving in the near future.

Remember, the Giraffe Cam was not set-up to capture an immediate birth - it was set-up to capture a process.

There's only one more real drastic change we'll see in April -- and that's active labor, according to her keepers.

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On Friday, her keepers said that she had been outside and "enjoying the sun." "Light discharge continues," the update reads.

The only real drastic changes we will see from here is active labor - no much more change / development can occur."Thursday's update veered into TMI territory, so be warned:"For any hoaxers or #Fakenews stories questioning April and the pregnancy - a quick biology lesson - animals do not develop milk unless supporting a pregnancy.

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