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And who doesn't want to date an American James Bond? This might seem obvious, but it’s really nice to be with someone whose hometown lives and breathes politics because they’re so well-informed. metro region has one of the highest concentrations of advanced degrees per capita in the nation, so chances are high that your date values education, and has put some time into making their brain the smartest it can be. C., a motorcade is less of a fun event where you guess who’s inside the car than it is an annoyance. Washingtonians mix that classic Northern drive and hustle with a little Southern soul. has some of the worst traffic in the States, but residents don’t really get stressed about it. Everyone there is the worst behind the wheel, but Washingtonians especially fear drivers with Maryland plates. No matter which side of the aisle you're on, you'll feel challenged by a sweetie who wolfs down political blogs with their morning bagel. Rather than being wowed by some luminary, they’re going to focus on what’s important—you. Air Force member with 30 years of service; he has an MBA from American Intercontinental University, a Diploma from the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, and the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Arabic and Middle East studies. Spoke at Sojourner Douglass College memorial honoring human rights activist, Coretta Scott King. He was the first Imam with military service to open a session of the U. Co-organized, spoke and led the historic first Islamic congregational prayer at the Washington National Cathedral. King’s March on Washington; key speaker at former President George H. Bush’s Points of Light Conference’s Faith Summit; Spoke at the South African Embassy celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life; led historic delegation to and addressed over 500,000 in South Africa; Hosted Press Conference/Panel for Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders at the Nation’s Mosque to address religious bigotry.They dream of mimosas and the chances are high that they have a ranked spreadsheet full of the best brunch options in town. You may not even get all of your honey’s their numbers for the first six months. Look, we’re not trying to say that your new sweetie is definitely a spook, but if they work or have worked for the “State Department,” it’s conceivable that they’re a secret agent. is actually America’s Most Literate City and is home to Kramer Books, one of the coolest bookstores in the States. Dating Scene is a completely free dating website that you can use to find a date in your area, registration is free and takes just seconds to signup.

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Facilitated the CVE Forum at the Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines.

C.-specific sauce that goes on everything from chicken wings to fried rice, this Chinese carryout staple tastes like a jar of plum sauce had a tangy encounter with a bottle of barbeque.

Once you've tasted it, you'll have cravings for the rest of your life.

He established the first Islamic Dietary Nutrition site for elderly members of all faiths in D. Councilmember for the National Summit on Non-Violence; member of the D. Mayor’s Interfaith Council and is President of the Interfaith Conference based in the nation’s capital.

Imam Shareef was honored to sit with and be recognized for his service by President Barack Obama at the White House Iftar; served as keynote speaker for the Pentagon and Homeland Security Iftars, co-initiated effort that led to the U. Military commissioning its first Islamic Chaplain; Islamic Representative on the National Coalition for Veteran Caregivers, Imam and Vice Commander of the National Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA), Advisor to Global Peace Foundation USA; Served as U. Imam Speaker at the World Alliance of Religions for Peace in Seoul Korea, the Global Peace Conventions in South America and N.

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